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  • Learning & Training: Create powerful learning and training videos to help keep employees up to date across your organization.


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"Microsoft Stream is part of Microsoft's ongoing mission to make meetings and conferencing more productive"


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Microsoft Stream: Include Stream actions in O365 audit logsJune CY2018

Actions taken against videos in Microsoft Stream to show up in the Office 365 audit logs.

Microsoft Stream: Support for GDPRJune CY2018

Support for actions on both invisible and visible data in Microsoft Stream to comply with GDPR regulations.

Microsoft Stream: Transcript editorMay CY2018

Video owners can edit and make corrections to the transcript / closed captions automatically generated for a video.

Microsoft Stream: Admin setting determine who can upload and who can create channelsMay CY2018

Currently we have a single admin setting in Microsoft Stream that covers both who can upload and who can create companywide channels. With this change we'll split this single setting into two separate settings so you can manage the list of users allowed for each independently.

Microsoft Stream: Group spotlight videosQ1 CY2018

Ability for group owners to feature or spotlight videos on a group's Stream page that they want users visiting the group to see. Spotlight videos are pinned into the video carousel at the top of the group homepage.

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