Staff Management


  • Schedule Management: Schedule employees, change shifts, and manage the schedule on the go.
  • Streamline Onboarding: Deliver employee resources and training content that workers need to gain the skills and confidence they need to do their best work.
  • Collaborate: Create spaces for meaningful conversation where workers can share ideas, learn from one another, and gain insight into larger, organizational initiatives.


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User Reviews

"I like that "shift members can take care of their own shift swaps, but that managers can still approve or deny them, without anyone needing to be near the other."

"Can track hours and time off, easily, replacing our previous schedule management system and time clock."


Latest Updates


StaffHub: Coming to Office 365 App LauncherQ1 CY2018

Microsoft StaffHub is coming to the Office 365 app launcher. Making it easier to discover and access StaffHub from inside the Office 365 experience. This update corresponds with a refreshed web experience and additional value including the ability to assign and track tasks for multiple users, support customer-defined terms and conditions, and benefit from Intune and Mobile App Management.

StaffHub: Extending Security with IntuneQ4 CY2017

Microsoft StaffHub will benefit from Intune and Mobile App Management - helping to extend security across every endpoint and employee.

Rolling Out

StaffHub: Multi-User Task Assignment & TrackingQ1 CY2018

Team members can now use StaffHub to assign and track tasks for multiple users - making it easy to monitor team progress against shared activities such a training and onboarding.

StaffHub: Yammer IntegrationQ1 CY2018

Team members can access important company news or announcements made in Yammer directly in StaffHub - allowing Firstline Workers to stay up to date and connected to the organization.

StaffHub: Simplifies workday management with “StaffHub Now”Q1 CY2018

Team members can now use StaffHub Now to see and access all the news for the day directly in the app and benefit from a refreshed mobile experience and feature set.

StaffHub: Broadcast Open Shifts for EmployeesQ1 CY2018

Team members can now use StaffHub to broadcast open shifts - making it easier for Firstline managers to fill schedules and for Firstline Workers to pick up an extra shift.

StaffHub: Communicate across platforms with Teams InteropQ1 CY2018

Microsoft StaffHub will adopt the Microsoft Teams chat experience, allowing users to communicate across services.

Top Requested Features


Offer the Mobile functionality in a browser


Mark company holidays (per location) on schedule


O365 additional group functionality - files, chat & calendar


Connect StaffHub to Outlook calendar of team members for availability


Create re-usable shifts that are saved for weekly scheduling and assign a color

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