Task Management


  • Group Tasks: Keep your team organized with all your tasks in one easy to access place.
  • Visibility and Transparency: Visualize your work and keep the whole team informed with a task list the team can see.
  • Collaborate: Share comments, files, and statuses right on tasks to keep everyone informed and moving forward.


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User Reviews

"Office Planner is Microsoft’s entry into simplified, collaborative project management."

"Though smaller, standalone project management rivals have gained in popularity, Microsoft’s ability to bundle Planner with other Office apps give it a big foot in the enterprise door."


Latest Updates


"My Tasks" App in Microsoft Teams.Q1 CY2018

This Microsoft Teams app will allow Microsoft Planner users to view all of their assigned tasks across plans from Teams.

Planner: Due Date NotificationsQ1 CY2018

Receive an email notification summarizing tasks due in the coming week—and stay on top of your approaching deliverables.

Outlook Calendar sync with Microsoft PlannerQ1 CY2018

Make better scheduling and time-management decisions by publishing tasks to your calendar. By adding your tasks to your Outlook calendar, you’ll never lose track of current and upcoming tasks—helping you meet your deliverables.

Planner: Access Microsoft Teams plans in Planner HubQ1 CY2018

Access plans you create in Microsoft Teams in the Planner web app. Favorite a plan or view the team and channels associated with it. You can also open the plan in Teams or keep working in Planner. This feature is coming to the Planner mobile app soon as well.

Planner Filtering and new Group By optionsQ1 CY2018

The Group and Filter options in Planner give you deeper insights into your tasks to help you meet key deadlines. For example, filter your tasks by due date to better understand approaching deadlines. Or use the Group feature to view tasks that have not been started, so you can prioritize your work.

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Top Requested Features


Integration with outlook tasks


Provide the ability to create Plan templates with existing tasks that can then be used to create a new plan


Gantt chart view


Export to Excel


Email Notifications and Alert Options

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