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  • Security and Reliability: Anti-malware and anti-spam filtering for all email. Globally redundant servers with a 99.9% up-time SLA.
  • Flexibility: Office 365 Exchange Online offers the an extensive list of features. Users can tailor their solutions to their unique needs.
  • Collaboration: Resource mailboxes to automate the management of equipment and conference rooms. Calendar and contact sharing to work together seamlessly.


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User Reviews

"Reliability problems have all but gone away. I have had no performance or functionality problems."

"It is easy to administer, create accounts, configure email connections, the connection via web http and activate sync by tablet and cell phones is an excellent tool, and easy to set them."



Tier A-Compliant

  • ISO/IEC 27001
  • ISO/IEC 27018
  • SOC 1
  • SOC-2
  • DISA
  • FDA 21 CFR Part 11
  • Argentina PDPA
  • CS Mark (Gold)
  • EU Model Clauses
  • FedRAMP
  • FIPS 140–2
  • FISC
  • GxP
  • Japan My Number Act
  • MTCS
  • NZ CC Framework
  • Section 508 / VPATs
  • ENS Spain
  • UK G-Cloud

Latest Updates


Outlook on the web - read/unread emails inside groupsJune CY2018

We are changing the behavior of how emails appear, when you navigate to a group in Outlook to make it similar to how your inbox or any other folder behave. With his change, users will have the capability to mark any email in groups as read or unread. The read state of an email inside a group would be maintained across sessions to enable users to leave a group and continue from where they left off.

Mailbox Plan EnhancementsQ1 CY2017

Mailbox Plans allows the administrator to customize and pre-configure several mailbox properties that will be set on a mailbox at the time it is created. This feature extends the set of properties that are allowed to be configured.

Outlook for Windows: Improved calendar attendance trackingQ1 CY2018

Now you can see other people's responses to a meeting request, even if you aren't the organizer.

Office 365: Prevent events from hitting the 500 recipient limitQ1 CY2018

Office 365 allows up to 500 recipients on an email message or meeting invitation. However, if a meeting organizer sent an invitation to a distribution list (counted as only 1 recipient), attendees were added as individual recipients when they responded. So after more than 500 attendees responded, the meeting organizer could no longer update the meeting because there were now more than 500 recipients. We have made a first step in fixing this issue by no longer tracking individual responses (and therefore adding recipients) once there are 400 recipients. In a future update, we’ll track meeting responses in a separate property and use that when displaying attendee responses in Outlook.

Groups in Outlook: New create option to let people outside the org email a group for OutlookQ1 CY2018

Now when you create a group from the Exchange Admin center you can select to allow external users to email that group directly. - More Information

Rolling Out

Updates to terminology used for Office 365 Groups, Distribution Lists, and Security GroupsJune CY2018

We’re updating terminology used across Office Admin Center, Exchange Admin Center, and Azure Admin Portal to provide a more consistent experience when interacting with groups and distribution lists. In the Office Admin Center and the Exchange Admin Center, the ‘Group Type’ column will now include values of ‘Office 365’, ‘Mail-enabled security’, ‘Distribution list’, and ‘Security’. The concept of ‘Distribution Group’ will now be referred to as ‘Distribution List’ throughout experiences such as group creation, edit, and upgrade.

Changes to the legacy SMTP Authenticated Submission client protocol in Exchange OnlineJune CY2018

SMTP Authenticated Submission (also known as SMTP Client Submission) protocol allows clients and apps using to send a message from an Office 365 hosted mailbox. Changes to the protocol are being rolled out may affect customers who send using this protocol. Moving forward, sent emails will now be stored in the Sent Items folder of the mailbox as is the case with other client protocols. Also, a maximum of three active concurrent connections submitting emails to our service per mailbox will be allowed. Additional connections will be rejected with the error: 4.3.2 STOREDRV.ClientSubmit; sender thread limit exceeded. Given that throttling is already in place to limit submissions to 30 per minute, this additional limit will not affect most of our customers. - More Information

Outlook on the web: New First Run ExperienceQ1 CY2017

First run experience (FRE) for on-boarding new Outlook on the web users.  Walks user through set up their preferred signature and theme.

Cross premises permissions for "send on behalf of"Q3 CY2017

The feature will enable specific mailbox delegation scenarios (send on behalf of) between Exchange Online and Exchange on-premises. Through this update customers can manage delegates for cloud mailboxes and flow these delegates back to Exchange on-premises, enabling on-premises users to be delegates of cloud mailboxes. This reduces complexity of migrating mailboxes to the cloud by removing one of the tasks of mapping the delegate family as part of onboarding planning. Future work not included in this enhancement may include other cross premises mailbox permissions including (Send As, Full Mailbox Access, Full Mailbox Access with AutoMap). beta includes Calendar and PeopleQ4 CY2017

Continuing with the beta, the new Calendar UI will rollout for - More Information

Top Requested Features


Export mailbox in Exchange Online to pst using PowerShell or other method


Enable and disable Clutter from Admin Panel


GAL Federation between different O365 tenants


Delegate permissions for managing MFA


Allow emails to be delayed in OWA

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